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Friday, May 30, 2008

" Romantic Architecture - The Foundation "

Trust is the core issue in a relationship.
And it can be regarded in three respects:

The trust you have in yourself;
How much do you honestly love your partner?
How bad do you want this relationship to succeed?
How far are you ready to go to make it work?

The trust you have in your partner;
How much do you believe him/her to feel the same way about you?
How bad do you think he/she wants this relationship?
How far do you reckon he/she is willing to go?

And the trust you have in the relationship itself;
How long do you think it’s going to survive?
How intimate do you believe it can get?
How happy do you deem it will make you?

Trust is the base.
Everything else is built up upon it.

As the size of a building dictates the dimensions of its foundation, so can we estimate the level of trust needed for any certain depth of a relation.
And without that, it’s a matter of time before any relation crumbles to ruins.
And even if it lasts, it won’t be anything worthwhile.

" Romantic Architecture - The Façade "

Now that you are done with your building, you may begin to work on its outward show.

What color do you prefer your walls?
Or maybe you like them wallpapered?
Would you rather have a wooden floor or a marble one?
Do you want the roof to be tile or shingle?

Though it comes last, the importance of the façade is no less than the rest.
Because it’s what you see most of any building.
It’s the source of both your first impression and the persistent feeling you get from the whole thing.

Fun is the façade of every relationship.

How much do you enjoy being with your partner?
Would you rather spend your leisure time with your partner or with any other of your friends, relatives or acquaintances?
Do you like to do everything with your partner? (simple things like: going to a party or for a walk, going shopping or to the movies, taking a trip or simply staying home and watching TV…)
Or you prefer others for some certain activities?

It does matter how fun your relation is with your partner.
Fun is the joy of your life.
And of the life you and your partner share together.

" Romantic Architecture - The Body "

After you have put down your foundations, you may start with the real thing.

Where do you want your walls and where should the windows go?
This comes from the plan you have in mind for your building.
What style do you want it in?
How many rooms do you want and where? And how big?
Will there be a terrace, porch or any balconies?

These details, in turn, depend on the purpose you have assumed for your building.
Do you want it for residence, business, entertainment…?

Affinity is the body of any relationship.

The framework of any relation is built upon the personal outlines which each of the partners have for their own lives.
You should know for yourself what you want from life in the first place.
That dictates the long term plans; which in turn give you an idea about the steps you have to take in every stage of life.

Now, if you don’t know about your own values, ideals, interests, dislikes, passions, repulsions… (things that in short, constitute the meaning of life for you); then one might say that you have no idea about the kind of life you want to live.
In that case, how can you possibly choose a suitable life partner?

And if you do know about these, you should look for identical, similar or at least compatible characteristics in your partner.
The more affinity there is in the part of individuals, the more affined will their bond turn out to be.
In other words, the better a match you are, the more is your chance for a comfortable, easy and successful relationship.

" Romantic Architecture "

When you want to think about a house, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
How it looks.
The rooms, the hall, the backyard, the view…

But when you want to build it, what is the first thing you start with?
The foundations.
And then you go after the walls, brick by brick.
And what comes last, is the veneer. The face.

Every relationship is somewhat similar to buildings.

It has:
A foundation: TRUST.
And a façade: FUN.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

" Points to Ponder "

* We hate people for the unpleasant characteristics we share with them.
Next time you hate someone, look for the reason within yourself...
It's all in your head!

* Never do something you can't afford to take the responsibility for.

* If you don't know what a sign means, then it is not your sign.
Maybe not yet!

* He who hastens towards a goal, isn't yet sure about his choice.

" As Far As I Know... "

I have to come to realize how immensely tiny I am compared to the infinitely huge universe I dwell in.
And also that there could surely be a much greater world than whatever my imagination (let alone my senses) can ever conceive.
And hence The Question:
"What can I ever possibly know for sure?"
And The Answer:
"Just that I am here now."
And nothing more.

All the rest of my knowledge is just as far as I know, up to now.

Friday, April 27, 2007

“ Real Images vs. Imaginary Realities “

What we consider to be realities about the world, people, events... are nothing but images we perceive.
Like a camera that can never capture any real object in the whole, but just an image.
The only thing you can work on is to try to get the clearest image possible.

We live by and through those images.
Our feelings, emotions, affections and even thoughts and behavior are shaped up by those images.
And what's more, one of the most practical ways to know oneself is to study the impressions you make on different types of people.
It's like checking your reflection in a mirror.
I don't think you can say which mirror is giving you the most precise image, because however self-conscious you may be, there are a million things you can't know about yourself by yourself.

Once you begin to live in the world, you have exposed yourself to be pictured by other souls.
You may be able to decide what kind of ways to relate to the world, but you can't really decide what images others get and what interpretations they make out of it.

And who could decide which one is the true real image?
Because the complex of Mind/Image/Subject (or in other words: Me/ Image/World) which allows us to understand the world the way we do, although similar in some aspects, is also somewhat unique from person to person, or even for one person in different phases of his/her life.

As long an image works for you,
as long as it maintains the standards you've set for your life to function according to,
as long as it keeps you happy, peaceful, hopeful and satisfied...
you can consider it valid.

And as mentioned before, these standards, and therefore images may vary a great deal from person to person.

To understand a person, best thing you can do is to try to visualize his/her images.
And, as a start, you can get that through what that someone writes and says.
Of course, no one can deny the value of in person/in flesh experience to get to know someone.
But the measure of knowledge you need to get a relation going is highly dependent on whatever you want to do with it.
All aspects of a person are not needed in every relationship.
As emotions, feelings, affection and love can be shared at different levels, sometimes even a few aspects would be enough, considering what level of relationship you pursue.
When a relation is based on correspondence, the range and type of personal information you need is different from when you are considering a proposal of marriage, isn't it?!!

Life is nothing but the complex of Me/Image/World.
I guess that explains why the way we react to the world around us, is first and foremost influenced by our attitude towards it; attitude being the way you pick your images.

When you see a rose what do you say?

1. Oh my! This thing has got thorns!
2. Oh my! This thorny stick has got a beautiful sweet-smelling flower with it!

Well? Which one is your choice?
That's your life!

“ Dear Friend, VIII ( The Evil Car ?! ) “

Dear Friend,
You asked me:
“Why do you believe in God?
Isn't He the all beneficent, all merciful almighty?
So, why doesn't he put an end to all this evil going on in the world? "

Here goes my answer:

I don't believe in a concept of God that intervenes in our worldly businesses.
I believe in our freedom of choice.
And hence, whatever injustice and ugliness you see –or whatever the reality is, regardless of judgment- is the direct result of this human freedom.

Also I believe that although you are free, you can't get away from the consequences of whatever you do.
There is not a personal God that will award/punish you for your actions.
It's the way this world works.
It reacts to you according to your being benevolent/malevolent, honest/dishonest, etc regardless of whatever you do.

Here is an example to clarify my point a little:
A car manufacturer (God) has given you the best car: your self.
And a road maker (also God!) has made you the best road: the world. (This is the concept of divine benevolence, according to me!)

And all the religions can do for you is to teach you how to drive your car. And inform you about the rules of the road.

But it can give you neither the map nor the destination.
You have got to choose your own destination and find your own way around.

Now, can the car manufacturer or the road makers be blamed for the reckless drivers and tragic accidents? (Where you might even hurt some other innocent driver who is being most careful.)
Who do you hold responsible for whatever happens when you are at the wheel? (Considering that the car + the road is ok!)

The only difference is that here you don't receive any speeding tickets from The Divine Police!
You drive carelessly, you have accidents.

This is the way it is.

" Who Am I ? "

Each and every human being has a concept of the self he/she is related to. And he lives for/by/with that concept.
It's all in our consciousness.
Even the part that questions the existence of a personal, individual core at all.

Now, of all these different elements forming our identity, which one is our real self?

The answer is: all and none.

Consider a tree.
It has: root, trunk, branches, twigs, leaves, blossoms, fruits…
So which one is the tree?
Is tree anything but each and every one of these?
But, could you point out each one and call it The Tree?

Maybe it's not the best example.
You can say that a tree is still a tree without its leaves or blossoms or fruits!
I know. It's just an example. You can think of better ones yourself!!

But what I am trying to say is that our self is constituted of different layers. Influenced by our genetics, environment, education…
And we are common in almost all of these factors in many aspects.

But what makes each individual unique is the exclusive combination of them all in each certain individual.
A common denominator of all the numbers adding up to our total self.
And this grand total is what makes us free from the determination of each of these constituents.

To realize all the different identities residing in our mind we need a little meditation.
When we try to put a little distance between ourselves and the multi-personal scene of babble inside us, we come to realize an original self that seems to be ever-observing all this commotion in process.

And this fundamental basis, though buried in the depth of our unconscious, is common in all humans. (However different and unique each one is in his/her details.)
In fact, it's what makes us defined as human beings in the first place.
And reaching towards that core could be the key to a universal understanding of good and bad.

" Path of Wisdom "

When you have good reasons for an idea, you accept it.
When you have good reasons against an idea you reject it.
And if the reasons for and against an idea have an equal share of validity?

You might choose to suspend deciding about it and take a neutral stand.
But what if this idea is not neutral in vivo?
What if it plays a significant role in your life?

In social affairs, I believe, the best solution to resort to democracy.
But how can each individual come to his/her own decision?

Here is the very moment that faith comes on stage.
To choose to believe or disbelieve in a statement, beyond questioning. In a non-logical way. (Non-logical is different from illogical.)

You believe or disbelieve, because it seems more suitable to you either way round.
Or because someone who seems to enjoy what you are looking for, believes in it.

Surely there is only one true answer to any question in this world.
And we have to do our best to get to it.
And as far as we can figure out things by our own analysis, I am all for logic.

But as you said, there are some certain questions the answer of which we cannot possibly know.
And that's why I believe no religion can claim the whole truth.

Religions help you in places where logic has no say so.
So, it's not the question of outside reality.
It's the matter of inside faith.

The answer is true because you want it to be true.
That's why I believe faith cannot be questioned.
Because it's either this or that.
And you have no way through logic to get to it.
You pick the answer that suits you best.

When I look at different religions, I see that they have had almost identical functions for their true followers: Bringing them peace, happiness and hope. Thus, a high level of self-satisfaction.
And so I can't but believe that whatever advantage they might have, lies in their common points, not contradictions.
Because the differences are due to the contingent factors of their origin and development. Not related to their basis.

So I believe in the credos that, in the first place, can't be answered by logic. And in the second place does not contradict the basic credos of another religion.

The variance in details is not so much important.
It's more a matter of taste!

I never interpret religious texts literally.َAnd
I believe there are buried treasures you should strive to extract.
You've got to be able to read between the lines.
And learn the methods not the verdicts.

Now, what does my faith consist of?
Three basic beliefs I guess. (Which is somehow common in all religions that I know of.)
1. This world is charged with the grandeur of a supreme, almighty, all wise, all benevolent being. Some call it God.
2. Whatever good or bad we do, returns to us. One way or another.
3. This life is not all there is. We don't end by death.

Of course, time definitely changes our views and ideas and… everything.
That's a good feature in a human being:
The ability to learn from one's past experiences.

You have to check and recheck your ideas constantly.
To see whether you can find any reasons for or against them.
With no dogmatism, which in many cases can be easily mistaken for faith.
Dogmatism is to believe in an idea and to believe it can never be proved otherwise.
And faith is to believe in an idea because it hasn't yet been proved wrong.

The key point is to never retire from hunting for truth.
And never to feel that you have the whole truth.
All you can have is a share, an image of the real thing. Like the thousand pictures reflected in each piece of a shattered mirror.
And all you can do is to never give up your pursuit.
And also never to stick to what you already got.
Always be ready to let go of the old ideas/habits/lifestyles… for the better wiser ones. And be willing to pay whatever price it takes.

This way you can guarantee that you are following the Path of Wisdom in your life.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

" Vital Death "

If you find out that you are about to die in one hour, what do you do?
Maybe you panic so hard you just lay down and wait!

What if it's a day?
You'll try to see all your dearest for one last time.

A week?
Friends, acquaintances...

A month?
Unfinished projects...

A year?
Places you haven't been to. Books you haven't read...

5 years?
Maybe a little more extensive program!

Well... What's the rush? Take it easy!

Well, that means all of us! Let's live it out!!

When you feel death breathing down the back of your neck, you will try to do all the things you always wanted to do, and never found the time for.
The most important things of your life that you had overlooked over and over again. And sacrificed them for the things less important.
But the further you consider yourself from death, the less you feel obliged to pursue your dreams.
You postpone it to a promised tomorrow that never arrives. Because you think to yourself, "Hey! I got the time of the world. Let's take it easy. Haste makes waste!!"
And then you take it too easy. So easy that you don't see the moments rushing away.

We don't die on a specific date and time.
Every night we die from that day and every morning we are born to a new day.
What happens is that one of these days, we die without being born again!!

So' we'd better live every moment as though it is our last.
Getting the best of it.
And be with our dear ones like it's the last time we see them.
Being the best of us.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

" Nothing, Something, Everything… "

When I was born (and for some time afterwards) I knew almost nothing. (At least that’s what they tell me!)
Nothing about nothing.
I even didn’t know that I knew nothing.

Then one day I asked myself, “who is this lady who rushes to me whenever I cry?”. You know, it was kind of nice having her around, considering all she did form me, and the gentle touch and everything. But you can’t trust just anyone these days, can you? I mean, look at the newspapers. There are creepy things going on in abundance everywhere. You might say, “Come on man! She was your mother!”. Maybe you are right, but then again; you never know. So you understand why I had to ID her, don’t you?

Any way, to cut the long story short;
My first question had occurred to me:
“Who is this lady? Is she OK?”
Answer: “She is OK. She is your mother.”

Then another day I wondered how I could keep her with me without having to cry all the time.
You see, my voice went hoarse from crying all the time. And sometimes you are in too good a mood to be crying. So why do you have to spoil the high spirits of the moment on, say, a bottle of lukewarm milk. Those bigger ones seemed to be getting along quite well without making half the noise. So there had to be some other way. Easier, quieter, less energy-taking and to the best interests of all. What would that be?

And so;
I had come across my first problem:
“ How can I manage to get things done without taking it to the soprano?”
Solution: “Learn to talk.”

Then there came another question.
And another problem.
And another.
And another.

I had questions and I looked for proper answers.
I had problems and I sought suitable solutions.

So, I started to learn.
And I learned fast.
So fast that soon (or soon enough) I came to a point where I thought I knew everything.
Everything about everything.
I had an answer for every possible question.
I had a solution for every probable problem.

So what with this precious load of knowledge and wisdom?
I had to do something about it.
I had to do something about me.

It was show time. (Or more exactly show-off time.)
It was the time to prove myself higher and better than anyone else.
I saw no reason to listen to what others had to say, for I thought I knew better.
And when I did listen, it was only to answer back. To prove the other party wrong. To win the debate.
I (thought I) was at the top.

But the days of happiness (and ignorance?) didn’t last long.
When I put my ideas to work;
Sometimes my answers were proved wrong, while other guys had the right answer.
And my solutions failed to work, while other solutions worked flawlessly.

It was then that I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe everything wasn’t as easy and all-clear as I thought it to be.
If I was wrong about something once, it could mean that I could be wrong again.

So, once again I started to listen.
This time not to argue. But to learn.

And here I am now.
At the beginning of an all new path.
Aware that I only know something about something.

Very few things are certain now.
And one of the most absolute certainties (besides death and taxes) is The Rule of UNCERTAINTY itself.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

" How's Life? "

How are you doing?
How is it going?
How are things?
How's everything?
How's life?

How do you answer these questions?

Sh-- happens?
Life sucks?

Or maybe:
Not bad?
So so?
Life's ... OK?

Never better?
Life's grand?

Which one is your choice?
And why?

How do you decide whether you are having hell of a time or a time in hell?
What are the meters according to which you measure the quality of your life?

Or... what?

You could have any ( or all ) of these and still have a miserable life.
Take a careful look at the people around you and you'll see what I mean.

So, what is it then?
What is it all about?

I'd say it's all about:
& Hope

They are the goals we all pursue ( consciously or unconsciously ) through our daily routines.
But sometimes ( or sadly, most of the times ) we forget all about them.
And this is the cause to all the stress, anxiety, depression, misery and dissatisfaction we suffer everyday.

So, next time you want to make a choice, ( about anything ) see whether it gives you any of these in return.

Every choice has its price.
See if it's really worth it.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

" Santa Claus "

Have you written your letter to Santa?
What have you asked for?
Health? Success in your exams? Promotion at your job? A peaceful life with no stress...?
Of course, these are really important things.
But they are not anything you can receive in your red stocking.
They are things you can ask from Santa Maria!
What do you want from Santa Claus?

I believe Santa is a chance for all of us, to be a child again.
To believe in miracles:
That a white long-bearded old man dressed in red, with his reindeer-drawn sledge will fly over our rooftops, climb down our chimneys, and secretly stuff our hopeful stockings with the goodies we have wished for so innocently!

And that's the beauty of it all, isn't it?

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2005

" Something Happened... "

Something happened to me a few days ago.
I lost my Credit Card AND my Physicain ID Card in the railway station, while on my way back home.
In a land far far away!

At first I panicked.
Then I felt anxious, angry and maybe a little sad.

I felt I had lost everything.
All my money was in that credit.
And my only ID was that Card.
I wondered how on earth I could do without them.
They were all I had.
I was steps away from a full length tragedy.

But then ...
No tragedy came.

Nothing happened.
I didn't die.
I didn't lose a family member or a near friend.
I could still breathe, see, hear, talk, read, write ...
Nothing happened.

And then I noticed something funny:
All of that fuss was just about two worthless piesces of plastic which you could always get again.

And I learnt this great lesson:
Most things you strain all your life to get and keep so dearly,
Are not really that much important.

When nothing happens when you lose them,
It means that they weren't so much big a deal from the beginning.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

" You Choose the Question, I Choose the Answer! "

1. What is the reason behind all you do?
2. What gives meaning to your life?
3. How would you summarize your life?
4. What is the definition of life to you?
5. What's your purpose in life?
6. What do you live for?
7. What is the gold standard acoording which you choose through your options?


Whichever question you choose; my answer is only three words:

" Truth, Love, Justice "

How many words is your answer?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

" The Reason "

On the way of your life don't miss the reason behind all you do.

Don't forget about the small joys that spice up your insipid days.
Don't ignore the humble flickers that lighten up your dark nights.
Don't overlook the petty things that add color to your black-and-white moments.

Otherwise you'll end up wondering to yourself:
" Is this what I really wanted?
Is this really what I started out for? "

And you will look around at all the trash-treasures you have stashed away all your life and you will ask yourself:
" Why did I earn all this?
To spend it on what? "

So, every now and then, - in the middle of all the daily hustle,- just stop there for a moment, relax and ask yourself:
" Hey! What was it all about? "

Friday, October 28, 2005

" Life Rocks! "

How many times have you heard someone say: "Life sucks!" ?
The less you have, the luckier you are.
And if that someone happens to be you yourself, I have to say I do feel sorry for you.
Not because you have a rotten life.
But because people like you are the source to all negative energy we have around.

What's the big deal?
You have screwed up?
You are all lost?
You are a failure?
You are a loser?
Come on man!
Get a grip!

Given all conditions, you have only two choices:
1- Cry over spilt milk.
And ruin the moment you are in.
2- Or move on with your life.
And try to get the best of whatever you have now.

That's all you have to do to improve any situation, however tragic.
And when you did, be kind enough to let others know about your delightful achievement.
If people learned to share their happiness as much as they share their miseries we would have a much more colorful world.

So, what are you waiting for?
You need some help with the opening?
I'd try "Life Rocks!" if I were you!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

" Three Word Tips II ( A Sequel! ) "

Dear Colleagues,
Remember me from last time?
It’s me again!
The Three Word Tips guy letting you on the handiest secrets of medical practice ever!
Here I come with a second helping to serve.

But before everything let me express my most heartfelt gratitude for the dear friends who kindly favored me with their precious comments.
Especially Dr DJ, Arman Arghami, Nasim Choobdari, Muhammad Munir, Sadia Farooqi, Nour-ul-ain Agha, Flavia Pereira, Majid Zakir and many others.

Well, here is today’s bunch. I hope you find it colorful enough!

Consider Patient’s Compliance.
Don’t Hate Hysterics.
Malingering? Maybe Not!
Overprize Pediatric Fever.
Don’t Worship Paraclinic.
Labs Make Mistakes.
Haste Makes Waste.
Read. Then Sign.
Consult Your Manual.
In Doubt, Refer.


So, why don’t you go on and complete the list?
And if you want to comment, be my guest.
Wishing you all the best,

Friday, June 24, 2005

" Dear Shandiz "

Dear Shandiz,
How's everything?
Thanks a bunch for your nice comments.
I am very grateful and do appreciate them all.

You raised a few points.
Here is the way I see them:

Being Alone vs. Being Lonely
What is the difference between being alone and being lonely?
When you are alone, well, you are alone! Just that!!
But when you are lonely, you feel sad (or mad!) because of that.
As if you feel that you deserve otherwise.
And as if it's such a terrible tragedy.

Well, maybe it's not so.
That's the way it is meant to be:
We are together. But not forever!
I didn't suggest “Be Alone.", as if it were up to you.
I said " You are alone, whether you like it or not."
I'm not telling you to go hide somewhere. Withdraw or seclude yourself.
I said it's a destiny that's bound to happen.
When you accept this fact, you can enjoy being with others without being afraid of losing them one day.
And how could that be bad?

And one more thing, don't ever expect anyone, anyone indeed, to live for you.
You know, in this great great world, there is only one heart that beats only for you: Your own heart!
And finally, the more you know yourself, the more you like yourself and the more you are satisfied with yourself, the more you'll enjoy being with yourself = being alone.

Now, was it all that bad?!

Under “A Matter of choice” and “Right or wrong?” you mentioned that I had simplified the matters.
I don't know whether you considered it a fine quality or not.

Anyway, when you want to make decisions in life you need clear, straight and to-the-point guidelines.
However complicated are the thoughts leading you to the result, you need them all simple at the end.
It has to have a kind of yes-or-no answer to your practical questions.
So that you can apply it to your everyday life.

And that's what I have tried to do for myself.

Question Yourself
In “Be Yourself” You asked who is your real you?
No-one can tell you.
You've got to discover that yourself.
By questioning your most common feelings, emotions, worries, behaviors, reactions, etc.
Asking why about everything you are and everything you do.
Not considering anything as a rule or the way it has to be.

That's the key to a better understanding of oneself.

Understanding Choices
As for “What really matters... ", well, I agree with you.
In fact that's somehow what I have been trying to say myself: “We are here to understand the choices we have already made. (Or have been made for us.)" And “No one can see beyond a choice he doesn't understand.”
It's all about understanding your choices.

But my point is that there is really no difference between the different choices.
The difference lies in your attitude towards your choices.
How you realize them. The way you follow them.
And I believe that's the only way to understand your choices.

In “Humanity” you asked why success in childhood.
It's somehow personal.
For anyone it could be anything.
When I was a kid and went to school, for the first time I learned the concept of competition. Winning vs. Losing. And soon it became everything that mattered to me.
That was when I was a kid.
But then I grew up. And...

Live and Let Live
To wrap it all up, here’s one last point:
We – at least most of us – tend to believe we are doing the right thing and living the right way.
Well; so far, so good! That’s no problem.
The problem is that we – again at least most of us – tend to believe we are the only ones doing the right thing and living the right way.
Everyone driving slower than us is an idiot and everyone going faster is a lunatic!
Now, that’s a major problem!

Let’s live and let live, shall we?

Well, that's it for now I guess.

Thanks again for your precious time and kind attention.
I'll be so happy to hear about your ideas, comments, suggestions, criticisms ... and other affairs! All kinds!!
Take care,

Monday, May 16, 2005

" Three Word Tips "

To All Angles in White

Dear Colleagues,
As some of you might know, I am a recently graduated physician.
A brand new GP!

Through my first independent professional experience as head of the emergency room in a hospital, I have come to some interesting points.
Points that have been mentioned by our professors times and times again, and may sound somewhat repetitious to you.

But as I have somehow re-discovered them myself, they are new to me; and I felt like sharing them with you.
Each of them has a story behind. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes comic ...
I might someday tell the tale.

As for now, let's take a look at my wisdom treasure!
But before that, promise to let me - and others- know what you think about them.
Many thanks in advance!

Part 1 - First Things First

ABC Comes First.
Blood Pressure, Forever!
Don't Forget Tilt.
Ask All Questions.
Past Medical History!
Explore Current Medications.
Seek Out Pregnancy.
Does She Breast-feed?
Investigate Sexual Activity.
Don't Guess; Ask!

Part 2 - Getting to Work

Perform Complete Examination.
Expose Examination Area.
Over-estimate Every Chest-Pain.
Ask For ECGs.
Diff Is Important.
Diagnose; Then Alleviate.
When Uncertain, Check.
Inspect Filled Prescription.
Supervise The Nurses.
Record All Details.

Part 3 - White Coat Etiquette

Put Patient First.
Explain To Patient.
Express Your Care.
Don't Show Doubt.
Never Lose Patience.
Reassurance Is Healing.
Sympathize With Patient.
Exaggerate Your Warnings.
Remember Patient's Name.
Relax; Be Confident!

So why don't you (specially the brand new ones!) go on and share your own experiences, points, ideas, methods, etc.
All kinds of comments are enormously appreciated!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

" On Your Own "

In life there come along some rare chances when you can be yourself. Stripped of all accessories, free from the false identities surrounding your individuality.

A good example is the Army training period.
In a mess hall, things like your family, your education, your profession, your bank account, your social status, ... don't mean
anything anymore.

You are just your self.
Your real you.
Your true, original, inner you.
Your feet get back on earth.
You get to know yourself better:
Your often-overlooked weak points, your long-forgotten potentials.
You - have to - try to define your relations with others once again.
Based on the realities this time.
And you - can - try to make the best of what you really are.
By just remembering that you are an

And with that privilege comes the responsibility:
You - and only you - are responsible for all the choices you make.
Not your family. Not your friends. Not the society. Not the government.
Just you yourself.

And what's more, to fulfill that, you are all on your own.
No-one has to - or even is able to - carry the load which is meant to be yours.

It's your choice after all.
You make it alone.
You do it alone.
So, consider your own ideals. And mind no-one else. Absolutely no-one.
And once you've come to the right decision yourself, don't hesitate.

All this makes you essential and irreplaceable.
And you will be a unique individual, provided of course, that you live up to the name.

" Anything Goes "

What day is it?
Then you are free.
How wonderful!
What are your plans?
Out with friends?
How about tomorrow?
You are working?
It's Monday?
Can't it still be Sunday?
What are you laughing at?

You are right.
It can't be Sunday for two following days.
Same as:
It can't be April longer than a month.
It's Y2K only once.

And that's the beauty of it all; The Rule of Change:
" Everything has an expiration date."
And that includes
Only problem is the expiration date is not always printed on the label.

So, never ever depend on anything, as if you can have it forever.
Now is all the time you got. Not even one moment more.
Do what you want with it.

And also,
Never ever lose hope.
Because misfortunes have that expiration date too.

And remember, there is always a different, all new day tomorrow.
However deep-in trouble you are, you can't even imagine the surprises each new day has in closet for you.
Only thing you have to do is to welcome them.

" All Alone "

Have you seen "Meet Joe Black"?

In this inspiring movie, Brad Pit is the angle of death, tired of being an overseer of other people's lives for all the time.
He doesn't want to live alone anymore.
He decides to taste a little bit of human relation delicacies.
And so he does.

There is a scene, in which he is talking about his love to an elderly lady who knows who he really is.
She urges him to let go of - as she sees it - his childish game. And go back to where he belongs. And do what he is meant to do.
He says he doesn't want to go back because he is tired of being alone.
" But I not lonely here. Somebody want me here.", he says.

Her answer is a brilliant piece of wisdom. A real masterpiece:

" It nice it happen to you.
It like you came to Cat Island and you had a holiday, sun didn't burn you red, just brown, sleep no mosquito eat you, rum no pound you head nex' day.
But trut' is, dat bound to happen, you stay long enough.
So tak dat nice picture home wi' you, but don' be fooled.
We lonely here mostly, too. If we lucky, we got some nice pictures."

That's a reality.
We are all alone.

Nobody wants you for your own sake.
Even a mother with her purest love, making all the hugest sacrifices, is striving to quench her own maternal thirst.
Let alone the others.

And everyone will leave you alone, someday.
Sooner or later.
Deliberately or otherwise.
But it's bound to happen.
However close you stick together with your dearests, there is always a Mr Death to separate you for good.

And once you are out of sight, you are - somehow or other - out of mind.
Don't expect otherwise. That's the way it is.
We are all made like this.

If you bring yourself to accept these facts as normal characteristics of human relations in everyday life, you will suffer much less.
Because you've had no other expectations in the first place.

You'll also have a clearer insight into people's minds and a better understanding of their behavior.
Because now, you can climb their back and look at the world through their eyes, with no prejudice.

And you surely agree, that's a priceless privilege.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

" La Vita E Bella "

Life is but a game.
Don't take it serious.

Once you've given it your best, there is no difference whether you win or lose.
What matters is to enjoy every single moment of it.
After all, it is a game.

But don't forget, even in games you have to play by the rules.
Otherwise, you're out!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

" Dear Friend VII ( The Rain ) "

Dear Friend,

As for the " Rain ":
Well, that's it. It is about God.
You see, at first we see a lonely figure, walking in the rain, talking about his love.
His tears are running on his face.
He can't understand why his beloved doesn't care about him although he loves her so much. Then he feels the rain (God's tears) on his face.
Rain comes and washes his own tears away.
And he hears the thunder. (God is crying.)
God can't understand why His beloved (this same person = lover) doesn't care about Him although HE loves him so much.


Sunday, December 05, 2004

" Dear Friend, VI ( C'est La Vie ) "

Dear Friend,

You are right:
"This is LIFE, this is how it is supposed to be (supposedly) and we just have to figure out how to move on with our lives and do what we think is best! And try to be the best of what we can and are given."

And also, I have come to believe that there is a divine meaning behind all these games of destiny.
I am neither mad at God nor suffer from any loss any more. At least I do my best.
Because I believe there is someone, somewhere, who is the kindest. (He is the kindness itself.) And he knows the best for us.
So, naturally, his choices are the best.

What we have to do is only: "try to understand the meaning of these choices".
And also as you said:
"If you let yourself go and if you make yourself free from any minor attachments you have and if you think freely and deeply about what you want from life and from your love and what you want to give to life and to your love purely, u would do it and you would be happy and satisfied."

"So, what is all this pain in your writings?" you might ask.
And my answer is:
"I didn't write them just yesterday.
They are the footprints I have left behind.
Not to forget where I came from, and what I went through.
To find my way back home when it's time.

And that's why everyone should write.

You can't deny your past. You can't run away from it.
It has been your "present" some time ago.
And it's always here.
Around you.
Inside you.
It's what shapes you up.
It's you yourself.
Like it or not.

You have to face it.
Accept it.
Analyze it.
Understand it.
Live it out in your present.
And use it for the best future.

That's what I'm trying to do.
At least, I hope so.

" On Life "

* Life might be born indoors,
but it definitely flows outdoors.

* Danger is the spice of life.
Without adventure, life tastes insipid.
But too much of it spoils life.

Friday, December 03, 2004

" Freedom Road "

Freedom lies within.

It's not the outside walls that limit us.
It's our fear of the consequences of adventure.
It's our attachment to guaranteed clichés.

Free spirits live in the same world as we do.
The only difference is:
They are brave enough to risk a change.
They have the courage to go beyond the routine of habits.
And they are willing to pay any price for their choices.

Maybe they lose many advantages. (Advantages that others are fighting for.)

But in return, they win a most valuable reward: themselves.

Friday, October 15, 2004

" Dear Friend, V ( Faith ) "

Dear Friend,

How are you doing?
I hope you are doing fine.

You asked me about "Faith".
Well, there are things to say.
What I want to share with you now is some concept that I have come to believe in after much ado. (When I say much ado, I mean much ado. Believe me!)

Let me start out with a question. (You might at first think it's so irrelevant, but you will see that it is not.)
Have you ever fallen in love? (I mean a real passionate fiery one.)
If you have, then you will be able to understand my words better.
When you are in love, you feel you are in a different world, separate from the rest. If someone tries to reason with you (in any way), you won't listen. And if you do, you won't understand. As if you see everything with a different eye, from a different point of view.
The same is viceversa. That is, it's hard to understand lovers. What they do and what they say seems funny sometimes.
You know what they say:
" Dancers look funny to those who don't hear the music."

It's a whole separate world. With its own rules and values.
When I say they are separate, it doesn't mean you can't be in two of them at the same time, but it means to understand the residents of a world, you have to be one of them.

And the same goes for the World of Art, the World of Friendship (Ma'refat!) and many many other worlds.

One of these worlds, is the World of Logic. (Your world I guess.)
And another is the World of Faith. (The World of Religion.)
These two (like the others) are not opposite. They are just different.

And here rises one of the biggest misunderstandings of mankind, leading to one of the worst mistakes: "Trying to mix up." Trying to judge others through one's own standards:
The Logical calls everyone else "irrational" and The Lover calls them "non-romantic".
The Religious calls others "unfaithful" and The Artist calls them "crude". And so on...
And you know what?:
"They are all wrong."

And the same applies to the concepts in each:
Reasoning with a lover is as pointless as urging a commoner to enjoy Art.
The struggles to prove "There is no God" are as meaningless as the ones trying to prove His existence.

And this mistake has given birth to blind fights and quarrels, cruel wars and bloodshed all along the history, even at this present time. (Especially in the third world countries.)
Simply because people have been unable to come to believe that they are not the only ones.

Finally remains one last question "Which one is better?"
Who could tell? (Except for himself/herself.) That is, maybe for you one is more suitable than the other, but the same might not apply to your brother. (If you have one!)

Well, can you advertise your creed?
Of course. But you have to be loyal to the rules of dialogue. (Something that we Iranians haven't learnt, most unfortunately.)
Are you happy with your choice? And you want to share it with others?
Be my guest. Do it.
Talk about yourself: your beliefs, your ideas, your World, its beauties, its advantages... Instead of focusing on finding faults with others, making fun of each-other, hurting each-other's feelings, calling names, offending, insulting, slighting and humiliating (I am giving you synonyms. Check the rest in your dictionary!!) anyone who doesn't belong to your world. (I don't say that you do all these things, or you are the only who does. I am talking in general.)
You say what you have to say, and so do I and so do the rest.
And then let's allow people to decide which one suits them best. (Everyone for himself.)

In the end, let me wrap it up by a quote from Coelho:
"Respect other people's choices as you expect them to respect yours.
Because, maybe you chose a good way for your life, but it's not the only good way there is.
Because to believe in your way, you needn't prove all the other ways are wrong.
And finally, because if more people believe in a way, it doesn't make it more correct."

Best Wishes,

" Dear Friend, IV ( The Light ) "

Dear Friend,

How's life?
It was so nice to receive your message.
Thanks a billion!

Well, you asked about " The Light ":

Imagine we have a room with nothing in it.
Not even air. Nothing.
And in the two opposite walls we have two identical holes. Precisely facing each other.
A ray of light enters the room from one and goes out from the other.
Well, what do you see in this room?
The law of physics (I don't know which!) says you can't see anything.
Nothing at all. Not even the light.
But if you hold your hand against the beam of light, then you can see your hand, but not yet the light.
We see by the light, but we never see the light itself.
We are even not aware of its presence most of the time. (Unless we lose it maybe.)
This idea is the essence of this poem.

In this poem, there is one adventure: " a child running home, seeking shelter from the rain " five outlooks and one message.
The first outlook belongs to the child.(I guess this one could be me. I have my own reasons!):
-I'm looking back,
over my shivering shoulder.
Watching the dancing trees,
running far far back.

The second outlook belongs to the mother or whoever is waiting for the child in the house:
-I'm looking on,
through cloudy eyes.
watching the dear soul,
running towards me.

The third one is the Earth:
-I'm looking up,
through the hovering dust.
Watching the hurried feet,
thumping on my face.

The forth is the sky:
-I'm looking down,
through the lights and thunders.
Watching the frightened child,
seeking shelter from the rain.

And the last one belongs to the real one. The main one. The one.:
-I am the light,
shining through the bits of this world.
Watching the pulsating being,
making everyone able to see.

And at last comes the message:
The only thing I can't figure:
Why can't ever,
- anyhow, anywhere, -
anyone see me?
Oh ! Never !

Now rises the question "Who is the light? The One?"
Well, for each person it could be someone or something different.
For one it could be "Love" and for another could be "Hope".
It could be "Beauty", "Knowledge" or any other thing.
For me it is "God".

But as for " Faith ", well that's a whole separate story and it needs much elaboration.
I think we should talk about it some other time.
Tell me if you are interested.

But before everything you should tell me what you think yourself.(Not what others say. Just what you yourself believe.)
And the questions you have. Any kind.
I'll be so happy to be of any help. (Not that I am much of a wise guy or something. Only I have had experiences of my own.)

Please keep in touch.
I am waiting impatiently.
Best Wishes,

Saturday, October 09, 2004

" Dear Friend, III ( Writing ) "

Dear Friend,

You have such a nice style of writing, and your command of the language is so authoritative.
I promise, (Promise I said), that you will definitely become something, if you try a bit.

Just do some reading (as I'm sure you do). Read everything: plays, novels, articles, short stories, prose, poetry, serious, light, all kinds.
Just find some time to read. And keep at it.

And write.
Writing keeps you in touch with yourself:
It makes you observe (to collect the material), think (to analyze the data), evaluate (to compare it with the other data you already have) and finally, conclude and express the result.
And you certainly agree just how much this helps to refine yourself.

It also helps to track down the changes you go through (emotionally, personally, in your character, etc), and to analyze it better retrospectively.

It's just great.
Do it.
You won't regret it.
Take care,

Thursday, October 07, 2004

" Dear Friend, II ( English ) "

Dear Friend,
How are you doing?
Thanks a lot for your message.
It was so nice of you.

Why English?
I don't know, but I feel more comfortable expressing these ideas in English.
I reserve Persian for more personal matters. Private stuff you know.
But English is for when I want to speak up, to go public with something.
And that's the reason I guess.
Maybe I start my Persian weblog one day, and you will see the difference.

Please keep in touch,
Best Wishes,

" Dear Friend, ( It Happened One Night ) "

What will appear on this Weblog from now on under the title of " Dear Friend, " are letters to my dear friends which I thought might be useful to my other visitors as well. (With their prior permission of course!) You know, frequently asked questions, common comments, similar suggestions, things like that.
So, there you go!
By the way, you could be one of my dear friends too! A few lines is all it takes.
I am waiting impatiently.

Dear Friend,
How's everything?
Hope you are doing just great.

It was so nice to receive your comments. Thanks a million!
It was very kind of you.
Well, I have a few points for you too.

First of all, when I first started writing these pieces I had no intention of publishing them one day.
I wrote just for my own sake. I sort of talked to myself.
And it has really helped me.
Whenever I had so much pressure on me, it came as a relief. Broke the stress.
When I had intense emotions, it would give them an outlet. Ease it up a bit.
When I learnt a lesson or something it would help me figure it out. Clarify the dark points, you know.
That's maybe why they have a kind of advisory tone.
However, I agree 100% with you: " when you are writing something, the theme you are trying to give to reader will be more highlighted when it is not directly told "
But the point is that I wasn't telling anyone, I was just telling myself. They are somehow the essence of my life. (At least for some parts of it.) I have lived them out.
And then one day, somebody read a few of them, and advised me to publish it somehow or other. Share it with others, as others have done it before.
And I thought "Hey! Not a bad idea! Let's do it!"
And there you go! Simple as that!

I also have something to tell you about "It happened one night..."
It has such an adventure.
There was a gap of around three to four years between the beginning and the ending.
I wrote :

It happened one night.
It was late and dark.
I was walking home.
It was raining hard.

The road looked unknown.
There was heavy mist.
What happened to me?
Definitely lost.

Then I just saw her.
She was crying hard.
At once I stopped.
And looked all around.

Only me and her.
There was no-one else.
I felt so sorry.
I wanted to help.

I think it came out of a experience I had,(or I was having) or a vision of some sort.
But then, that was it. Black out. All stopped. No more words. Dead end.
I tried a little to wrap it up, but it just didn't work.
I didn't push it anymore and let it go.
I saw this scrap of paper again and again so many times while browsing through my notes, but everytime, the only thing that came to my mind was a big question mark.
And so it went.
Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, and still nothing.
until almost recently (a few months ago) that I was going through my old stuff, a little piece of paper caught my eyes.
I picked it up, looked at it and all of a sudden, all the rest was there:

I didn't know how,
I didn't know why,
I went to her side :
Smiled and said: "Hi!"

She then turned around.
Looked into my eyes.
Full of heavy pain,
which was no surprise.

She was lost,
I found her.
I was lost,
She found me...

It was life,
we both lost.
It was us,
we both found.

Just like that. No warning, no preparation, nothing.
It just poured out.
Nice adventure for a poem, don't you think?
Weird how these things figure out, isn't it?

But if you want to know what happened behind these lines, well my friend, that's another story.
Each and every one of these writings has its own story.
Sad, happy, interesting, boring, personal, public... All kinds.
If you want to know any, please let me know. And your request will definitely be considered!!

At the end, once again I express my most heartfelt gratitude for your time and kind attention.
I'll be waiting to hear more from you.
Best Wishes,

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

" Peace "

We humans make such a fuss about finding peace that we forget what we were looking for in the first place.

Keep moving on. And stay hopeful. That's the key to peace.
Just keep breathing and everything will be all right.
Or at least you'll get used to it. And that's a kind of peace too.
And that's all that matters.

And I promise you'll find it when you least expect it.
Because, mostly it is hidden in the places that we least heed to look:

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

" On Our Graduation Night "

My dearest friends,

Tonight as we sit here warm and tight, it reminds me of the first time we sat together like this seven years ago. Most of us fresh from high school. And since then we have been through a lot together.

We have studied and we have nestled together.
We have worked and we have partied together.
We have dawned and we have dined together.
We have attended weddings and funerals together.
We have laughed and we have cried together.
In short, we have lived together.

We started out as kids and together we grew up into mature men and women.
And although many of us may have not noticed, we existed in each other's lives as classmates, as colleagues and above all, as friends.

And now that we stand together before the parting of the paths of our lives, I ask you all to stand up, take each other's hands, raise them high and let all witness this long lasting bond of friendship.
And may it go strong through happiness and grief, thunder and sunshine, bitter times and sweet ones.

And as we have taken an oath never to forget who we are meant to be and what we are meant to do as doctors, let us never forget who we were and what we went through as friends. And to stand by one another, like we have done before, wherever we are and whatever we are doing, come what may.

And I wish you all the best anyone can wish for his dearest friends.
And may your greatest wishes be granted and your highest dreams be fulfilled.
And may your lives be as prosperous as it gets.
And so be it.

Sincerely yours,
Ali Saqebi

Monday, October 04, 2004

" From Paulo Coelho VII "

· God is where you let him be.

· The world is the visible side of God.

· Forgive your enemy, but never regard him as your friend.

· "Attack" and "retreat" are both accepted in a battle. What is unacceptable is to be paralyzed by fear.

· If you lose your faith, still keep on moving. Because that's where we get faith: in persistance.

· Sometimes we worry so much about arrival, we forget about moving on.

· Running away from the battle is worse than losing it.

· No-one is always wrong in this world. Even a non-working clock shows the correct time twice a day.

· We always see the best way to go very clearly. But, sadly enough, we usually take the one we are used to go.

· The end doesn't justify the means, because ends are built upon the means.

" From Paulo Coelho VI "

· A ship is safest at the harbor, but it wasn't built for that.

· You can never turn back in time, so, always think about going on.

· You don't have to climb a mountain to see how tall it is.

· Silence doesn't always mean "approval". It might also mean "inability to disagree".

· When you achieve something important in life, it doesn't mean you have to forget about everything else.

· Only when you can understand the meaning of a misfortune, that you have come over it.

· You should learn what you need to know. Not what you like to.

· What makes you drown is not falling into water. It's staying under water.

· You may doubt the way you were meant to go. You may even leave it sometimes. But you may never forget it.

· Busy people usually find time for everything in their life, while the lazy ones always nag about lack of time.

" From Paulo Coelho V "

Anyone may do many wrong things.
But the worst thing anyone can do is:
to lose the hope that he can become a better person.

" From Paulo Coelho IV "

Pain and agony, are unavoidable in one's life.
If you don't experience them pursuing your dreams,
you will definitely suffer them without knowing why.

" From Paulo Coelho III "

Sometimes some small things can tarnish your biggest joys.
Like a dust in your eye, when you are enjoying a maginficient scenery.
Never let such things happen to you.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

" From Paulo Coelho II "

Respect other people's choices as you expect them to respect yours.
Because, maybe you chose a good way for your life, but it's not the only good way there is.
Because to believe in your way, you needn't prove all the other ways are wrong.
And finally, because if more people believe in a way, it doesn't make it more correct.

" From Paulo Coelho "

When you consider doing something, don't ask:
" How am I going to do it?" or "Where can it be best done?" or "When is the best time?"
But before everything, ask yourself:
"Why should I do it at all?" in the first place.

" Do as you please "

People expect you to live as they believe you should, to do as their wishes dictate.
And because their ideas frequently disagree with others, logically you can never satisfy everyone of them.

So, why not simplify the problem by choosing only one master to attend to?
And who could be possibly the most important of all?
You, yourself ofcourse.

You can never please everyone.
Please yourself.

" Life and death "

I have seen life face to face.
I have kissed life on the lips.
Now, how can you call me dead?
Now, that I've drowned in her embrace.

" It's my life, It's now or never ..."

Sometimes the proverbs can be quite misleading:
You can't hit two birds with one stone.
Every stone is meant for one and only one bird.

In any given moment, you have only one responsibility to attend to.
If you fulfill that one task, you've earned the essence of that moment.
And if you don't, be sure that you've lost that moment forever.

And remember:
Life is vigilant and strict.
It'll never let you get away with it.

So, quit being clever and play by the rules.
You have one stone, one bird, one chance.
Take your best shot.

" It happened one night ..."

It happened one night.
It was late and dark.
I was walking home.
It was raining hard.

The road looked unknown.
There was heavy mist.
What happened to me?
Definitely lost.

Then I just saw her.
She was crying hard.
At once I stopped.
And looked all around.

Only me and her.
There was no-one else.
I felt so sorry.
I wanted to help.

I didn't know how,
I didn't know why,
I went to her side :
Smiled and said: "Hi!"

She then turned around.
Looked into my eyes.
Full of heavy pain,
which was no surprise.

She was lost,
I found her.
I was lost,
She found me...

It was life,
we both lost.
It was us,
we both found.

" No Judgment "

Don't pass judgments about people and what they do.
Because the situations one faces can hardly be understood by another, unless experienced personally.
And also because the background everyone has had makes him unique in his character.

Every human being is like a separate ocean.
So, however deep your insight penetrates to the depth of human soul, it can never, never ever reach the bottom. (Not even your own, let alone the others)

So, let's leave the judgments to Judgment Day.

" Love in the first sight "

There is no such thing as "love in the first sight".
You have been meant to love each other ever since you were born.
Only you met later.

" Faith "

Faith cannot be defined or understood.
It can only be enjoyed.
You can either have it or lack it.
You can either believe or disblieve.
But you can never question it.

" Rain "

I'm walking,
in the rain.
Tears running,
on my face.

I'm crying hard,
for being away,
from my sweetheart,
for such a long time.

I love her so bad.
I want her so bad.
I just don't know why,
She never cares about me.

Then I feel His tears,
running on my face;
washing my own tears away.

I hear Him,
crying hard,
for being away,
from His sweetheart,
for such a long time.

He loves me so bad.
He wants me so bad.
He doesn't know why,
I never care about Him.

" A Matter of choice "

We live in a world of oppositions.
So, naturally, you can never have everything.

It's all a matter of choice.
Realize your priorities and learn to choose.

And keep in mind that you get the more important ones for the price of the less.
If you believe so, you'll have a much more comfortable life.

" The Light "

-I'm looking back,
over my shivering shoulder.
Watching the dancing trees,
running far far back.

-I'm looking on,
through cloudy eyes.
Watcing the dear soul,
running towards me.

-I'm looking up,
through the hovering dust.
Watching the hurried feet,
thumping on my face.

-I'm looking down,
through the lights and thunders.
Watching the frightened child,
seeking shelter from the rain.

-I am the light,
shining through the bits of this world.
Watching the pulsating being,
making everyone able to see.

The only thing I can't figure:
Why can't ever,
- anyhow, anywhere, -
anyone see me?
Oh ! Never !

" Be Yourself "

Never try pretending to be someone else, when you are not.

Because, no matter how hard you try, one day you'll look in the mirror, and'll see a face which is not a bit close to what you pretended to be; nor any similar to what you were.

Be yourself.
Otherwise, you will be nothing.

" Painting "

In the garden,
I'm sitting.
The trees,
I'm painting.

Blue color,
in one hand.
in the other.

Mixing them,
to get green,
to paint my picture.

When I look up,
I see God,
doing the same.

In the heavens,
He is sitting.
The universe,
He is painting.

Blue sky,
in one hand.
Yellow sun,
in the other.

Mixing them,
to get green,
to paint his nature.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

" To love, itself "

You were such an unfair trader.
You took everything from me, and gave me nothing but one.

You took my happiness, my peace, my freedom.
You took my innocence, my dreams, my ambition.
You took my mind, my heart, my soul.

And in return,
you gave me nothing but : obsession, obsession, obsession...

" Right or wrong? "

It's not so important whether you are right or wrong about something.
What is important is the question you are right or wrong about :

Is it worth thinking about? Is it worth discussing about?
Is it worth arguing about? Is it worth fighting for?
Is it worth living for? Is it worth dying for?

" Humanity "

In my days, I have had my own highly respectable sacred words :

In the days of childhood, it was success.
In the days of adolescence, it was justice.
In the days of youth, it was love.
And now, it's nothing but humanity.

I wonder when all my days are gone, will I cry over lost words?

" What really matters... "

In the ups and downs of life there come moments when you have to make some really tough decisions. Through these special times I've learnt a great lesson which really helps me through :
There is no such thing as best choice.

It doesn't really matter what choice you make.

What matters is :
to follow the road you've taken to the end; no matter how far it may go.
to pursue the ideals you've set for yourself; no matter how high they may seem.
to accomplish the goals you've aimed at; no matter how hard they may be.
to fulfill the dreams you've seen; no matter how impossible they may look.

We are not here to make choices. We are here to understand the choices we have already made. ( Or have been made for us.)

And finally, Don't worry about what happens next.
Because, as Oracle said:
" No one can see beyond a choice he doesn't understand. "